When deciding on a service, think about...

Participants' excitement

How do you make sure that your participants stay excited during your event? Do you have something your participants are familiar with (i.e., a special building/place/topic) and that makes them feel at home? How do you keep the engagement rate up?

Security & GDPR

Who is owning your participants’ data? Is your data ever going to be sold (even anonymized)? Where is the company incorporated, and is it maybe a third country from a GDPR perspective?

Browser Support

What platforms (i.e., Apple iPhone, Google Chromebook, Desktop) are supported? Which browsers are supported? What devices will my participants be using? Do my participants have a special proxy or network setting?

HyHyve vs. our competitors

This showdown of one vs. one comparisons helps you to find the best online event and networking platform.

HyHyve vs. Gather.Town

An one-on-one comparison of the platforms: Which platform suits your online event and networking requirement best?

HyHyve vs. Spatial.Chat

This comparison helps you to choose the best fitting platform for your online event, virtual office or networking party. ;D

HyHyve vs. SaySom.app

This is an one-on-one competition comparison to help you to decide which tool suits your online events better.

HyHyve vs. wonder.me

One-on-one competition comparison to help you to make the best choice for your online event and networking needs.

HyHyve vs. Remo

This is an one-on-one comparison to help you to find the best platform for your online event.

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