Compared to, HyHyve creates an engaging and cozy feeling for participants with its beautiful map – without technical interruptions.

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HyHyve and comparison

In this handy table, we compare the features of HyHyve with so you can make the right choice for you to make your online event amazing!
PricingStarts at 0,03€/minute. Per event/month/year pricing on request. Free[1]
GDPR✅ German company. GDPR compliant.✅ German company. GDPR compliant [2]
Most common browsers supported✅ Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge❌ Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge[3]
Platforms supported✅ Desktops (Windows, macOS, Linux), tablets (iPad, Android-based devices), mobile devices (iOS, Android-based devices)❌ Desktops (Windows, macOS, Linux)[3]
Broadcast to your participants✅ Yes, speakers can be invited to the stage flexibly ✅ Yes, but the host password has to be shared with speakers to enter the stage
Public access✅ Yes, via a public link✅ Yes, via a public link
Restricted access✅ Yes, email-based authentication🟡 Yes, with general room password
Custom background picture✅ Yes✅ Yes
Custom maps✅ Yes, fully customizable, including walls and the option to create buildings/places familiar to participants. 🟡 Yes, but only background-picture

[1] According to the rumors, until the end of 2021.
[2] According to their own statement.
[3] According to supported devices and browsers help article.

This comparison was updated on 25.04.2021.

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