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We build meaningful business relationships across your company by arranging weekly 18-minute 1-on-1 CoffeeChats.

is Company Culture

While an organization’s offerings such as high salary or special benefits are important, a positive day-to-day experience is a key to employee retention. Remote company culture helps employees stay connected and creates a feeling of belonging. And helps the company to win the war for talent.

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Problem: Remote work lacks natural conversations!

While most companies adapted to remote work, creating natural conversational situations has continued to be challenging. How can organizations ensure employees have ample opportunities to connect, despite the distance? [1]

[1] A study from Thomas Malone et al. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT) shows that Remote workers want to re-create those watercooler moments virtually, Source: SSRN

How can you help remote teams feel connected without a shared work environment?

Solution: Regular CoffeeChats that lead to professional impact. turns on autopilot to create virtual in-person opportunities that allow people to get connected and build interpersonal relationships. 

How does it work?

Sign-up for your 14-day free trial (no credit card is required) and invite your co-workers via email or invite link. After inviting at least 10 people to your organization, the weekly magic starts:

  • Every Monday, everybody selects his preferred networking slot this week.
  • On Wednesday, we will introduce you to your CoffeeChat.
  • On Thursday, you’ll have an exciting CoffeeChat.

It’s that simple.

Communucation as basis for corporate culture and company growth

First of all, Corporate Culture is more than a ping-pong table or regular all-hands-meetings. With that said, HyHyve’s focuses solely on effective and regular 1-on-1 communication.


Managers and employees often fear that private chats will make the team unproductive. But especially in remote work, it’s essential to create space for private conversations to build interpersonal relationships and trust!

The Water Cooler Effect

Would you be interested if a researcher would tell you a simple way to increase your workers’ overall productivity by 10-15%? What if they would tell you that the key to success is more coffee breaks? [1]


Stand out from your competition and create a productive and human remote company culture with HyHyve’s


Being an early adopter pays off 

– attract attention to yourself!


[1] Soure: – 


HyHyve’s is currently available by invitation only. Contact us to get early access.

What our clients have to say

Why HyHyve and

Wir haben unse Plattform für virtuelle Meet-Ups und Coworking optimiert. Zusammen an Conceptboards arbeiten oder spontane Meetings zu halten war noch nie so einfach. 

  • Browser öffnen und Mitteilungen aktivieren – werde informiert wenn jemand mit dir reden möchte oder gucke selbst wer gerade Pause in der Kaffeküche macht. 
  • Hinterlege Informationen über dich oder verlinke deine Social Media Kanäle um Networking noch einfacher zu machen! 
  • Mit Action Points kannst du wichtige Informationen direkt in deinem Space, für jedem sichtbar, platzieren, sodass deine Kunden immer auf dem neusten Stand sind.