Experience truly interactive online meetings

Host virtual workshops that really work. Create a hybrid workplace to connect and collaborate. Let your community mingle to bring excitement and spontaneity online.

Proximity Video Calls

  • Video calls start as soon as two people bump together. HyHyve bubbles become bigger as soon as more people join.
  • Up to 50 people can connect via audio and video in one call (bubble conversation).
  • Everyone can screen share, start private chats or send messages to the group.
  • Set a topic to show others what you’re talking about or split workshop groups.
  • Use private calls and lock your bubble so no one can interrupt you.


Recommended for webinars or conferences

  • As an admin you can broadcast to every attendee on the map.
  • Hold keynotes or do important announcements.
  • Let up to 7 people join you on stage.
  • Viewers can give you feedback or ask questions via chat.


  • HyHyve helps you comply with your IT regulations and reduce costs by bringing your technology with you.
  • Bring your video stack: Do you want to use your Microsoft Teams or Zoom licenses? Talk to us!
  • Embed your online whiteboards: Do you want to work with your Miro or Conceptboard licenses? Talk to us!
  • Govern your data: If we’re using your infrastructure and licenses, you’re always in total control of your data and can rely on existing vendor agreements.

Virtual Business Card

Hover over avatars or look in the participant list to learn more about others:

  • Upload your favorite picture directly from LinkedIn (Using the LinkedIn integration for your Login)
  • Tell others more about your position, company, or what makes you unique in your bio.
  • Add your social media links to let others connect easily.

Action Points

Action points can be placed everywhere on the map and filled with content of your liking.

  • Place text, links, videos, pictures, PDFs, polls and much more onto your map.
  • When users come near an action point the content will pop up next to them.
  • There ist no limited number of action points!

In-App Browser

  • As an admin you can open the in-app browser for everyone and let them interact with it.
  • Open conceptboards, start polls to get feedback or simly play games together.

    Your creativity ist the limit!


Recommended for virtual offices

  • Leave HyHyve open in another tab and continue your work, if someone wants to talk to you you’ll get notified
  • Easliy turn notifications on or off

Private, Group and Broadcast Chat

  • Easily share private information like links, phone numbers, or email addresses via privat chats.
  • The group chat reaches everybody who is currently in the call with you.
  • As an organizer, you can send text announcements to everyone.

Access Settings

When creating your own space you can choose who ist allowed to enter.

  • Let everyone with the link join your gathering.
  • Limit the access to registered users.
  • Limit the access to specific e-mail domains or specific e-mail addresses
  • Or archive your space and temporarily close it for everyone.

Host/Admin Tools

  • Use the broadcast for keynotes or announcements
  • Open the in-app browser for concept boards, polls, games etc.
  • Send broadcast messages to everyone to let them know whats next on the agenda or give updates.
  • Place action points wherever you want.
  • Kick people off the space 

Attendee Tools

  • Automated muting in large groups: Users are automatically muted when they join calls with more than six people to reduce background noises.
  • Is someone generating background noises? Everyone in a Call can mute someone and notify him about his background noises.
  • Pin a video for yourself: Do you want to focus on a specific person? Just click their video to pin it for yourself. (Re-click to undo)

Still not convinced? 3 topics why our customers love HyHyve

No matter what solution fits your needs best or which use case is most important for you. Here are three topics why companies love to work on HyHyve.

Are you looking for support to implement HyHyve? The best thing? Our team is always there for you to answer every question!

Participants' excitement & interaction

How do you make sure that your participants stay excited during your event? At HyHyve, we love outstanding designs, corporate identities, and creating positive emotions. Our Spaces combine interactive elements and productivity tools like Conceptboard or slido with an easy-to-use user interface.

Security & GDPR

Who owns your participants’ data? Where is the company incorporated, and is it the third country from a GDPR perspective? 

Since day one, we’ve been respecting your privacy and love to guide you through the information security and privacy approval processes. We’re a German company focused on the European market, and GDPR compliance is not a question.

Browser Support & Network Requirements

What platforms (i.e., Apple iPhone, Google Chromebook, Desktop) and Browsers are supported?  

Like every platform, we also recommend using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome on Desktop to have the best experience. But that’s not everything! We also support Mozilla Firefox, Apples Safari, mobile devices and help you to get your firewall set up to let everyone enjoy HyHyve!

what our clients have to say: