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HyHyve - Online networking that's fun!

HyHyve is an online event and networking platform where you can create an engaging venue for your clients, co-workers, teammates, and community.

Trusted by over 10,000+ users from companies like:

HyHyve Online Networking Hybrid Workspace

Virtual venue for connecting and engaging

An online atmosphere with the same possibilities as in real conversations

HyHyve is a virtual venue for connecting and engaging. Attendees can move with their avatar in and out of conversations just like in an in-person event and focus on connecting with like-minded people.

Whether it’s a 20 people meetup, a 200 people online conference, or a 2000 people virtual office HyHyve is designed to fit the requirements.

The difference to classical online meetings? Participants can flexibly break out into small and large groups and engage in conversation with exactly the most valuable people.

The difference for event organizers? No more stressful moderation and low participation rates in crowded calls. 

HyHyve paves the way for happy attendees, high show-up rates, and low drop-off rates!

Create online venues with unlimited possibilities and a unique experience every time.

Built to connect everyone

Networking and Social Events​

Network with co-workers and partners in HyHyve to tighten your business relationships.

Hybrid Workspace and Remote Work​

Work alongside each other, share your lunchtime and build a sense of community with your coworkers.​

Workshops and Barcamps

Host virtual workshops that really work! Bring excitement and spontaneity to online workshops.


HyHyve enables teachers, students, and educators to create engaging virtual in-person classrooms or learning conferences

Conferences, Exhibitions and Fairs

Network with other attendees during coffee breaks and provide a social and immersive experience.

What our clients have to say

We focus on security, data protection, and reliability

Our strong principles make us special!

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Reliable support from Germany

We have learned that no long-term customer relationship can develop without outstanding support. Need help or consultation? We are here for you from Germany!

GDPR Compliance

HyHyve is incorporated in Germany, and all our servers and employees are located in Germany. This means strict German privacy laws protect all user data.

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We respect your privacy

We deliver an alternative to the ad-based or data-trading revenue model of free services. We want to sell you an excellent service and not sell your data!

What our clients have to say

The HyHyve team works hard to provide the most comprehensive browser support in the industry.

Do you know what browsers and devices your guests will use?

Neither do we! That's why HyHyve supports almost every device type, platform, and browser! We also tried to support Internet Explorer 9, but due to security issues and the lack of WebRTC functionality, we could not deliver HyHyve to Internet Explorer 9.

safari copy


Apple Safari on MacOS and iOS/iPadOS

Device Types: desktop, tablet and mobile

firefox copy


Mozilla Firefox on MS Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android OS.

Device Types: desktop, tablet and mobile

chrome copy


Google Chrome on MS Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android OS.

Device Types: desktop, tablet and mobile

edge copy


Microsoft Edge on MS Windows, MacOS and Android OS.

Device Types: desktop, tablet and mobile

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Get started immediately by creating your own HyHyve Space, or contact the HyHyve team to talk about your events and special requirements!

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