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Host a festive winter wonderland

Bring the party to life with themed decorations, colorful spaces, and funny elements.

Never miss an important business moment

Can’t fly in for the week? Celebrate any promotion or after work event with your team, no matter where.

Connect with your community

Watch a football game, make music with your band or connect with your community to make awesome initiatives become real.

Hang out or work together seamlessly

It doesn’t matter if you hang out and play games like Skribbl or if you use the HyHyve Browser to work together in Concept Board. 🎮🧑‍💻

Still not convinced? 3 topics why our customers love HyHyve

No matter what solution fits your needs best or which use case is most important for you. Here are three topics why companies love to work on HyHyve.

Are you looking for support to implement HyHyve? The best thing? Our team is always there for you to answer every question!

Participants' excitement & interaction

How do you make sure that your participants stay excited during your event? At HyHyve, we love outstanding designs, corporate identities, and creating positive emotions. Our Spaces combine interactive elements and productivity tools like Conceptboard or slido with an easy-to-use user interface.

Security & GDPR

Who owns your participants’ data? Where is the company incorporated, and is it the third country from a GDPR perspective? 

Since day one, we’ve been respecting your privacy and love to guide you through the information security and privacy approval processes. We’re a German company focused on the European market, and GDPR compliance is not a question.

Browser Support & Network Requirements

What platforms (i.e., Apple iPhone, Google Chromebook, Desktop) and Browsers are supported?  

Like every platform, we also recommend using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome on Desktop to have the best experience. But that’s not everything! We also support Mozilla Firefox, Apples Safari, mobile devices and help you to get your firewall set up to let everyone enjoy HyHyve!

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