This article is not fully updated as changed its strategy in June 2022. We are currently revising this article and recommend that you double-check the information provided until we have completed our update.

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Which are the top 10 alternatives and competitors of

  1. HyHyve: Fully customizable and engaging networking and online networking platform that supports nearly all devices and browsers.
  2. VRChat: You can discover this virtual reality space which is created by people from all over the world.
  3. Spatial: A wonderful app to host your remote office.
  4. Remo: The simple way to just interact with people in smaller or larger groups. Made for different event sizes.
  5. Workadventure: This app provides an online campus, virtual office and digital events at the same time.
  6. Topia: A playful world-building platform which offers the possibility of video chats.
  7. Trember: An app for people who are interested in having small business meetings online.
  8. SaySom: This app brings a real-life conversation vibe into the world of online networking.
  9. Virtuali: In this online world you can build in-person connections like you would do in reality.
  10. Gather.Town: An interactive platform with a outstanding design of a videogame from the 90´s.

What's the pricing of

Wonder recently updated his pricing strategy (June 2022) : Wonder stopped offering a free plan and focuses on monthly subscriptions which start at 2 USD per user per month in the Lite plan. The pro plan starts at 9 USD per user per month.

Which browsers and devices does support? updated his device strategy in June 2022 and supports now only Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge on Desktop or Laptop Computers. Wether mobile Devices, Tablets nor Apple’s Safari is supported. [6]

What our clients have to say

HyHyve and comparison

In this showdown of online event and networking tools, we compare with HyHyve to help you choosing the right platform. While Wonder and HyHyve may seem similar at first glance, the differences between them are actually quite significant, and you need to know them to make your online event exceptional.
PricingStarts at 0,03€/minute. Per event/month/year pricing on request. No free plan; Starts at 2 USD per user/month in Lite plan[1]
GDPR✅ German company. GDPR compliant.✅ German company. GDPR compliant. [2]
Most common browsers supported✅ Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge are supported.🟡 Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla are supported. Safari is not supported. [3]
Platforms supported✅ Desktops (Windows, macOS, Linux), tablets (iPad, Android-based devices) and mobile devices (iOS, Android-based devices) are supported.❌ Desktops (Windows, macOS, Linux)are supported. Mobile devices, tablets and iPads aren't officially supported. [3]
Broadcast to your participants✅ Yes, speakers can be invited to the stage flexibly.✅ Yes, speakers can be invited to the stage flexibly.
Record Broadcast❌ No recording feature available.❌ No recording feature available.
Public access✅ Yes, via a public link.✅ Yes, via a public link.
Restricted access✅ Yes, email-based, email-domain-based or guest list.🟡 Yes, with general room password.
Embedding links, images, signs, streams, whiteboards or browser window✅ Yes, everything is available, some of them on request.❌ Not available.
Custom background picture🟡 Yes, but not recommended.✅ Yes
Custom maps✅ Yes, fully customizable, including walls and the option to create buildings/places familiar to participants. 🟡 Yes, but only background-picture.
Maximum participants per "circle" (ad-hoc conversation)✅ Up to 50 people.✅ Up to 14 people.
Maximum participants per room🟡 HyHyve spaces/rooms have an organizational soft limit of 250 participants. Multiple Spaces can be linked. [4]✅ A space is limited to 500 participants.
LanguageEnglish and German.English.

[1] According to this statement they are entirely free but its to be expected that they “will implement a usage-based pricing model (most likely mid-2022) however, there will always be a free version of Wonder.” Unfortunately, Wonder changed their pricing strategy in June 2022 and stopped offering a free version.

[2] According to this article Wonder is fully GDPR compliant.

[3] You will find the supported devices and browsers in this article. It´s not possible to use the Safari Browser. Our own experience showed us that you can’t even access the space with Safari. Therefore you have to make sure that you guests know what browser and device they can use.

[4] We recommend dividing rooms if more than 250 participants are expected. That ensures that the rooms do not become overly large and participants “get lost”. HyHyve can provide a high level of interactivity by switching off linked rooms at off-peak times with fewer participants.

This comparison was fully updated on 31.03.2022 and partially updated on 08.06.2022.

If you are looking for a alternative, think about...

Who owns your participants' data?

How do you keep your participants engaged?

Are all of your participants' devices supported?

What is is an interactive communication, event, and networking tool that is browser-based. With the app, it is possible to enhance spontaneously meetings between up to 500 participants in a Wonder space via video and audio. A circle is limited to 14 participants in a non-session area, while in a session area up 50 participants can communicate with each other in a circle. [5] Within this space, admins have the option of starting a broadcast to all participants of the space. A private and public chat rounds things off and helps to exchange contact information.

Compared to tools like Zoom or Teams, the ability to quickly get together in groups and easily network is striking!

What should I be aware of when using

Technically, Wonder works very well, but there are some points you should consider when using Wonder. In total Wonder is an easy to use networking tool which has a simple design and won’t confuse participants that much. But if you are looking for a tool with a lot of customization options such as logos, embedded links, whiteboards and more, Wonder might be not the right choice for you. Therefore you should think about the purposes you want to use a tool like Wonder for and decide if it fits or not.

How does work?

As an admin you can create a space with up to 15 areas and name these along to their purpose. This space can be protected by a password and guests can enter it via link. Screensharing, broadcasting with up to 13 speakers, assigning co-hosts, showing Emoji reactions and setting up icebreaker questions are the most important features on Wonder. By filling out your wonder profile you can exchange contact information with others. 

The space and tool design

The interface of the Wonder app is as simple as his features and onboarding. As an admin you can’t customize the space fully. It’s limited to the change of the background picture and to the creation of different areas. Depending on the way of usage it is a great tool to let people interact with each other online. If you are looking for more customizing options, Wonder might not be the best choice for you.

Advice: How to prepare your participants for the wonder app usage

As the mechanism of “bumping together in a virtual venue” is currently not known to everyone, it’s helpful to have “practice sessions” with your participants in advance (e. g. online networking and after-work session a couple of days earlier).

Limited mobile and browser support

The platform of Wonder is best supported by laptops and desktops while accessing it via Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Mircosoft Egde. The usage of Safari isn’t possible as well as there is not support for devices such as iPads, tablets or mobile devices. [5]

Advice: How to deal with the limited mobile and browser support

Although most users are already using chromium-based browsers like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, you should consider recommending using one of the supported browsers to your participants. [6] As “clicking on links” leads to a start of the user’s standard browser, ensure that the browser recommendation and the update of it is communicated often and clearly. As selecting the right browser and joining the Wonder space can sometimes be tricky, you can implement a support hotline or team during your event to guarantee a seamless experience. 

[5] According to their article, Wonder space is limited to a maximum of 500 participants per space. One circle can currently hold 14 participants. In a so-called session area up to 50 participants can engage with each other.

[6] Supported devices and browsers on the Wonder website: Supported browsers and platforms of the wonder app

[7] Market shares of the most used browser versions worldwide in February 2022: Statistics from February 2022

This section was updated on 31.3.2022.

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