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Which are the top 10 alternatives and competitors of Remo.co?

Besides Remo, there are also other interesting online networking platforms and similar apps of competitors with the possibility of flexible video conversations: 

  1. HyHyve: Fully customizable and engaging networking and online event platform that supports all devices and browsers.
  2. Wonder: A networking platform which wants people to discuss like in a real-life.
  3. Spatial: A wonderful app to hold networking events with groups of different sizes.
  4. Gather.town: An easy-to-use tool to host networking events or meetings with groups of different sizes.
  5. Workadventure: This app provides an online campus, virtual office and digital events at the same time.
  6. Topia: A playful world-building platform which offers the possibility of video chats.
  7. Trember: An app for people who are interested in having small business meetings online.
  8. SaySom: This app brings a real-life conversation vibe into the world of online networking.
  9. Virtuali: In this online world you can build in-person connections like you would do in reality.
  10. VRChat: You can discover this virtual reality space which is created by people from all over the world.

Is Remo for free?

Remo is free to use in the Free plan where you can the platform a try. If you are planning a conference or a bigger event, there are the Essentials, Pro, Ultimate and other plans which are starting from $270 Dollar or more.

Is Remo for free?

Remo is a browser-based platform and recommends accessing the website via the latest versions of Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari. Mozilla Firefox is not officially supported. Therefore you may have limited access to the functions of the website. Computer and laptops provide the best performance when using Remo, while you can’t enter the presentation mode with mobile devices. iPads and tablets aren’t supported right now.

What are Remo guest days?

A Remo guest-day is a 24-hour period that starts as soon as a guest enters your event for the first time. During these 24 hours, your guest can enter or rejoin all your events. If your guest stays or rejoins your event after these 24 hours, it will be counted as a new guest day. If you don’t have any guest days left as a host, you will be notified, and you can purchase guest days as you need. [1]

If you are looking for a Remo.co alternative, think about...

Who owns your participants' data?

How do you keep your participants engaged?

Are all of your participants' devices supported?

HyHyve vs Remo.co comparison table

In this showdown of online event and networking tools, we compare Hyhyve vs Remo.co to help you to join the right platform. While Remo and HyHyve may seem similar at first glance, the differences between them are actually quite significant, and you need to know them to make your online event exceptional.

PricingStarts at 0,03€/minute. Per event/month/year pricing on request. Free Plan, Essentials, Ultimate and other plans. Different prices models, e.g. starts from 270$/ month. [2]
GDPR✅ German company. GDPR compliant.✅ GDPR compliant (with agreement)
Most common browsers supported✅ Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge.🟡 Recommended are Chrome, Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge. Mozilla Firefox might not provide the best user experience. [3]
Platforms supported✅ Desktops (Windows, macOS, Linux), tablets (iPad, Android-based devices), mobile devices (iOS, Android-based devices).🟡 Desktops (Windows, macOS. Mobile devices deal with restricted functions. iPads and tablets aren't supported. [4]
Broadcast to your participants✅ Yes, speakers can be invited to the stage flexibly .✅ Yes, speakers can be chosen flexibly during the event.
Record Broadcast❌ No recording feature available.🟡 Recording is available in the presentation mode. [5]
Public access✅ Yes, via a public link.🟡 Yes, via a public link and signing up with an email address.
Restricted access✅ Yes, email-based, email-domain-based or guest list.✅Yes, via link without/with permission of the host or via guestlist.
Embedding links, images, signs, streams, whiteboards or browser window✅ Yes, everything is available, some of them on request.✅ Yes, everything is available.
Custom background picture🟡 Yes, but not recommended.✅ Yes
Custom maps✅ Yes, fully customizable, including walls and the option to create buildings/places familiar to participants. ✅ Yes, fully customizable floor plans and individual arrangements of the features.
Maximum participants per "circle" (ad-hoc conversation)✅ Up to 50 people.🟡 Up to 20 people on a table.
Maximum participants per room🟡 HyHyve spaces/rooms have an organizational soft limit of 250 participants. Multiple Spaces can be linked and can provide space for up to 5000 participants. [6]✅ Depending on the price plan you can have up 100 participants on one floor and up to 1000 in a room. Up to 15000 guests in total.
LanguageEnglish and German. English and Japanese.

[1] In this article you can find more information about the so-called guest days.

[2] Here you can compare the different pricing packages of Remo. If you consider to host an event with Remo, you have to beware of the limited duration and number of events in each price package. To scale up the number of sponsor banners, guest days or guests per table for example, you will have to pay extra fees.

[3] Here is the list with all supported browsers of Remo. You should always inform your guests in advance which latest version of the browsers is supported by the platform.

[4] Here is a list with all supported devices by Remo. Linux systems aren’t mentioned, therefore you should test this system in advance.

[5] Here is an article about the recording feature of Remo. Depending on your plan you have only an specific amount of hours to record and this function is only available in the presentation mode.

[6] We recommend to divide rooms if more than 250 participants are expected. This ensures that the rooms do not become overly large and participants “get lost”. HyHyve can provide a high level of interactivity by switching off linked and unused rooms at off-peak times with fewer participants.

This comparison was updated on 27.04.2022.

What is Remo.co?

Remo is an event and networking platform based in the USA which wants to humanize in-person online interactions. This platform allows you to have small and large gatherings with any size of participants. Therefore you can host office meetings or conferences with Remo. In order to grow and engage your audience on your upcoming event you can customize the map and set up an agenda for the day. Up to 20 people can sit on a table and talk via video chat while brainstorming together on the whiteboard for example. [7]

The guests can create a profile where they can provide basic contact information about themselves and they can exchange these virtual business cards with each other. In the group chat people can get in touch with other participants and get connected globally. Besides their event platform Remo provides a community platform to exchange experiences and ideas for events, a training for future hosts in the Remo Academy and a partner program for online event agencies.  

Compared to other tools like Zoom, specialized online event tools like Remo or Hyhyve are able to create a group dynamic between the participants that is otherwise only found in real life. Through the countless design possibilities of the spaces, you can turn any event into an unforgettable experience.

What should I be aware of when using Remo.co?

Technically, Remo works very well, but there are some areas you should consider as there are some points which are related to Remo and the overall event organization. For example, your guests have to register with their email address and full names in advance when they are receiving an invitation link from you and want to join the upcoming event. After finally entering the event they can fill out a profile with their contact information. Of course this is a nice feature to have in order to network with others but some of your guests might think that Remo is receiving a lot of personal data from them. Not everyone is willing to share that much of personal information. 

How does Remo.co work?

When your guests are entering the event on Remo via link, it is depending on your settings if they are joining the event instantly or if they have to wait until you let them in. That gives you some control how many people are going to join your event. Keep in mind that you need to have or purchase enough Remo guest days to host a large number of people. After the arrival on your event space they will find themselves on a floor with little rooms where they can find up to 20 seats around a table. By clicking on a seat they can enter one of these smalls room on the floor where they can have a video chat with up to 20 people at the same time. 

They can change to another seat in another room any time but they can’t move around freely by just using the cursor. That leads to the usage of the shuffle mode by the host to remix the guests in the rooms and furthermore to engage the interaction between your attendees. In our opinion the platform is missing the aspect that people can get in touch just by moving their avatars freely around the whole space. Remo only allows it to change the location by clicking which seems static and less smooth to us.

The Remo.co room and tool design

The expected number of attendees defines how many floors and buildings your Remo space is going to have. Up to 100 attendees are fitting on floor. They can switch between the floors through the elevator in the building which can host up to 1000 guests. The more floors and buildings you have the more guests you can host. The floor plan is completely customizable as well as the seat, table, banner and billboard arrangements. You can upload your own floor plan or use one of Remos. The Remo templates include the old and the new more realistic 3D-Design. Also it is possible to change the background, color and shapes, so that you can brand your map. The billboards on the left and right side allow you to present your guests a video or a welcome message. The sponsor banners are giving your sponsors the opportunity to advertise their content. By naming different areas you will improve the guests orientation within the room. [8]

As a host you can switch between the two modes of Remo. Changing from the floor to the presentation mode allows up to 10 speakers selected by the host to talk on the stage and share multiple screens at the same time. You can broadcast their discussion on YouTube and record it. Your participants can react to the presentation via emojis, the chat or the up and down voting Q&A section. If you decide as a host to switch to the presentation mode you have to be aware of the fact that all of your guests will be “forced” to join the presentation mode. In our opinion that limits the freedom of your participants to network with each other and to get in touch with the presentations or people they would like to see or meet. After your event you have the opportunity to purchase analytics about your guests dynamics and the engagement with the sponsor banners.

Advice: How to prepare your participants for an event on Remo.co

The mechanism of “clicking on a seat to move around in a virtual venue” is not known to everyone. Therefore, it’s helpful to have “practice sessions” with your participants in advance (e. g. online networking and after-work session a couple of days earlier). The other option is to send your participants an email with some instructions how to engage with the platform in advance or book a group onboarding session with Remo.

Limited mobile and browser support

For an optimal user experience of their service, Remo recommends the latest versions of Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge. The usage of Mozilla Firefox might cause a limitation of the tool functions. Also Remo supports computer and laptops the most. Mobile devices can’t enter the presentation mode and iPads or tablets aren’t supported. [9]

How to use Remo.co on mobile devices?

When you enter Remo via a mobile phone, you can basically do everything what others can do when using a laptop or desktop. The biggest difference is that you can´t share your screen, be a speaker or take advantage of the rights as a host. Depending on your role during the event you should consider whether to use a mobile device or desktop/laptop.

Advice: How to deal with the limited mobile and browser support

It’s best to ask Remo before your event, which devices and browsers are suitable for your event. To be on the safe side, you can also test Remo yourself in advance :). They provide a free test service on their website.  

As “clicking on links” leads to a start of the user’s standard browser, you have to ensure that the browser recommendation is communicated often and clearly. As selecting the right browser and joining the Remo room can sometimes be tricky, you can implement a support hotline or a team during your event to guarantee a seamless experience. 

GDPR compliance of Remo.co

Remo is a company which is based in the US. On their website they claim to be compliant to the GDPR because of a Data Protection Attendum. [10]

Advice: How to deal with GDPR compliance

To be on the safe side, you can ask Remo whether they are really GDPR compliant and additionally discuss with your data protection officer whether you can use the service or not.

[7] The total number of seats per table depends on your pricing plan. You can find more information about table and seats numbers under the headline “Seats” in this article.

[8] You can find more information about sponsor banners here.

[9] Here is the list of all supported browsers and devices.

[10] This is the Data Protection Attendum from Remo. You should read these terms carefully and talk with your data protection officer before you use the service of Remo.

This section was updated on 27.04.2022.

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